Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday was Mother's day and yes there are days that I wonder if I did a good job. You know the days when your daughter comes in with a tattoo. When she decides to just go to a two year college instead of a four year college. I have to remember that I did my best when raising her then I beat myself up when she doesn't make the decisions that I would have made for her. The good things she does majorly out way the bad, I want her to be perfect and make all the right choices but God continually reminds me that I have not always made the right choices and am not perfect so why do I expect it from her.
I know that God blessed me with her and she was so sweet yesterday. She made lunch and she wanted to be sure that she made things that I could eat and that I had on my diet. She made grilled salmon with dill sauce and saute green beans with garlic and a small baked potato and for dessert strawberries with fat free cool whip. It was a beautiful day. Thank the Lord for children.
Today I when to the gym and only got to work out for 25 minutes. I changed the time I go to 4:00 and the time got away from me and I did not leave the office till 4:25 so the did not give me much time before I when to pick up my husband from work. Tomorrow is another day and I will do better.

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