Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had a wonderful weekend in Houston, a friend got married and it was hard for me to stay on points for my dinners. I was able to stay on points for my lunches and breakfasts but I did keep a list of the food I had for dinner. The day of the wedding I was able to walk for 2.5 miles so that helped work off the food I had the night before at the resheal dinner. The wedding was beautiful and seeing old friends again was good. I am back home and back to working out and eating the foods that I need to lose weight. Before I left for Houston I weighed and had lost 3 pounds. I look at every pound as a victory and every lap I can do at the gym progress. Today I worked out on the tread mill, weights and eliptical. (not sure that is how you spell it) Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I can continue.

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  1. Kim, you are so right. It is a very important that we look at this as a lifestyle. We are going to have vacations, up days, down days, and days when we are in a funk. We just have to hang in there and remember its just a day, or a few days, we have everything we need to make it this time. And we will.
    Hugs, Betty